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September 21, 2023 at 10:58 am

Lubna Shuja and Members of the OLA at OSFC

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The President of The Law Society for England and Wales, Lubna Shuja and the President of Oldham Law Association Pamela Walsh joined forces to provide an inspirational and educational talk to 170 Oldham Sixth Form College students.

Pamela set herself some challenges during her year-long appointment as the President of the Oldham Law Association (OLA).

The first item on her agenda was to change the Constitution to allow junior members of the profession to become members of the OLA, a challenge she achieved in her first few weeks of being appointed.

The second was to provide an educational talk to local A-Level Law students to give them a real insight into the profession and formed a partnership with Oldham Sixth Form College (OSFC) to deliver just that.

Working with the college’s Law Lecturer, Laura Siddall, the OLA contacted The Law Society to coordinate a special visit from Lubna Shuja.

“It was an absolute pleasure to be able to welcome Lubna Shuja, the President of The Law Society, to Oldham. The Oldham Law Association worked with the Oldham Sixth Form College to organise an event that saw Lubna speak to students and tell them the story of her journey into law, as well as tips for future success. It was inspiring to all who were able to attend.”

“Members of the Oldham Law Association also had the pleasure and privilege to meet with her before the event started, and she spoke of the work undertaken by The Law Society on behalf of the membership and took questions from the solicitors who had attended to meet her and welcome her to our town.”

Lubna is the first Asian, the first Muslim and only the 7th female to become President of the Law Society of England and Wales, established in 1825, almost 200 years ago. The Law Society represents, promotes, and supports over 220,000 solicitors.

The talk took place in the college’s lecture theatre, which was packed to capacity, and additional temporary seating was put in place to cater for the 170 students who were eager to listen and ask questions about Lubna’s career and the legal profession.

Laura from Oldham Sixth Form College said:

“On the 12th of September, we were honoured to welcome Lubna Shuja, The President of the Law Society to Oldham Sixth Form College to meet with our law students. Lubna was accompanied by The President of The Oldham Law Association Pamela Walsh. Accompanying Lubna and Pamela were other Solicitors and Trainees from law firms in Oldham”. 

“I cannot thank Lubna, Pam and the Oldham Law Association enough for giving our students this amazing opportunity, we will be forever grateful. It is important that we all contribute to the future generation of legal professionals and commit to the promotion of equality and diversity within the law.” 

“Lubna gave an inspirational speech to our fortunate law students and finished by engaging in a Q & A session.” 

One student, Amaima Naveed, who is studying A-level Law said:

“Lubna is an inspirational, dedicated Asian woman providing footsteps for young women to enter into the law and breaking the stereotypes that a woman is less capable than a man. This was an important occasion to learn valuable life experience.”

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